Recent Before & After Photos

Wet Carpet

Shown here we have a clearly saturated carpet from a leak at a Long Island home. This had happened after hours and the home owner called our service to report t... READ MORE

Building Water Damage

After a storm we received a call to head out to this building as soon as possible as there was a large area of standing water that needed to be extracted. What ... READ MORE

Store Water Damage

This store called us in when they experienced water damage in their back stock room. We arrived at the store within hours ready to extract any of the standing w... READ MORE

Effects of Storm

This extremely saturated carpet was the result of rising water levels in a flood zone on Long Island caused by a storm. SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead was con... READ MORE

Bedroom Fire

Here we have a fire that severely damaged a bedroom. SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead takes pride in arriving on site to assess the situation and create a plan ... READ MORE

Hallway Fire

Unfortunately, as you can see here, this hallway was greatly damaged by a fire. We received the call and arrived on site promptly to assess the situation and de... READ MORE

Mold on Wall

Often times to properly remediate mold it is required that the surface the mold is on be removed entirely. In this case, this is exactly what we knew we had to ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

We received a call to investigate a potential mold situation at a Long Island home and promptly scheduled a visit to assess the damage. After scoping the areas ... READ MORE

Mold on Shelves

In these pictures what appears to be dirt is actually mold that was found in other various places of this Long Island home as well. Luckily, the home owner was ... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

This home located on Long Island took on a decent amount of water as you can see above. This is not uncommon during a rain storm with rising water levels. The h... READ MORE