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Hoarded Apartment Before and After

Hoarded Apartment Before and After

A look at the before and after of a hoarded apartment that our crew made look like new again

Moisture Reading

As shown here, our technicians at SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead are thoroughly trained to use all of our professional equipment. This device is a moisture reader which allows us to determine the amount of moisture being retained in various surfaces. The reading this device displays allows us to correctly determine what plan of action needs to be taken to ensure proper drying. It also gives us an idea of how long the drying process will take.

Pipe Break in Gym

When pipes freeze during extremely low temperatures in winter and then begin to unfreeze, you may experience a pipe burst. This was exactly what happened to a local gym owner and she did not hesitate to contact us at SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead during our weekend hours. We've arrived quickly and the assured the owner everything would be okay! After just a few days everything was dry and the owner was grateful that she could begin the process of reopening the store to the public. We understand how important it is to be time efficient when dealing with a business!

Wet Office

Often times we are called upon office buildings to help in various types of damage. Pictured here is a water damage that affected several parts of an office on Long Island. We here at SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead know how important it is to address these issues as soon as possible to ensure your business can continue to operate as planned. We arrived promptly with all the necessary equipment and had the job completed the same day! Should your business ever encounter water damage do not hesitate to call us 24/7!!!

Wet Ceiling Tiles

These ceiling tiles became saturated with water as a result of a severe storm that had hit the area. We arrived promptly on site and proceeded to remove the tiles and clean up any mess that had occurred as well as set up any drying equipment that was necessary.

Store Water Loss

This water loss occurred after a severe storm hit the area. They promptly called SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead to come in and help solve the problem. We arrived on site ready to clean up any amount of water necessary. 

Mold On Wall

After a previous water damage it was discovered that mold had grown on the wall of this Long Island home. SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead was glad to help and even finished the job in less time than originally anticipated. Should you find yourself in need of mold remediation do not hesitate to contact us!

Laundry Room Fire

Shown here is a job we were called in to do where a fire had severely damaged this laundry room. While the home owner was quite upset, we reassured them we were very capable of handling the situation quickly and efficiently. Our client was grateful for our quick response time and how courteous our team of technicians were. 

Fire Damage Bathroom

Sadly fire damage clean up is something we are very familiar with. Here we have the soot and smoke damaged caused by a house fire. The home owner quickly contacted SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead and we were able to clean the area up in a timely and professional manner.

Sales Floor Water

When a business experiences water damage on a sales floor we understand how important it is to restore the area to a dry state as quickly as possible so business may continue as usual. We arrived at this store promptly and was able to clean the area and set up any drying equipment needed to ensure proper drying.

Store Water Damage

Shown here is a great example of the type of jobs we handle on a daily basis. This store stock room experienced experienced water damage from a pipe leak. We cleaned up the water, removed the wet boxes, and dried the area quickly and efficiently.


Living on Long Island we understand that when a hurricane or tropical storm hits, even if it is off the coast, water levels on the shore can rise quickly and water can enter your home or business at an accelerated rate. If you experience any type of flooding such as what is pictured here, do not hesitate to contact us for help!

Commercial Storm Drying

While most people may associate storm damage to be quite extensive, sometimes even a smaller storm can cause less visible damage. After a heavy rain storm and some minor leaking, our moisture readings concluded that this area had been affected and was in need of proper drying equipment. 

Flooded Hall

Even if your home or business isn't directly affected by a tropical storm or hurricane, moisture can still find it's way in! Here is an example of a space that was affected by a leak in this buildings structure. 

Ceiling Bubbles

Pictured here, we have bubble pockets of water clearly visible on the ceiling. These may also occur on walls as well. If you notice spots such as these in your home do not hesitate to call us for mitigation services as we are available to help 24/7!

Drop Down Ceiling

As most people are aware, there are several different types of ceiling material. Pictured here is is a drop down ceiling which required some removal. You can clearly see the water marks. In other situations we would have had to cut or drill holes for proper ventilation to ensure drying.

Drying Mats

We here have SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead have a warehouse full of all the equipment necessary to handle any job. In some instances with certain types of flooring using a floor mat system to ensure proper drying is necessary, which is what we have shown here.

Drying Equipment

Pictured here are some of the drying equipment that is used to mitigate water damaged areas. The equipment is strategically placed to ensure proper drying. This image shows a commercial water loss, however, the same equipment is used for residential water damage as well!

Wet Walls

While most people are aware of water damage that can affect floors, many people over look walls and ceilings. Pictured here is an example of water damage above eye level. In the event of water damage, be sure to investigate all areas of your home or business!

Water Damage

When a storm hits and fast winds and heavy rain continue for an extensive period of time, it is not uncommon for leaks to occur in your home or business. SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead is available to help dry the affected areas 24/7!!!

Commercial Fire

Shown here is a commercial building where we arrived on the scene to find extensive amounts of fire damage. We were able to sufficiently clean and disinfect the areas affected in a timely and professional manner. Home or office, we are always available and ready to help!

Store Bathroom

Every so often we will get calls for the professional cleaning of small spaces such as this store bathroom. We are happy to have our technicians clean and disinfect the affected areas.

Stockroom Water Damage

Stockrooms and basements of stores often get flooded during bad weather. SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead takes pride on arriving at the scene quickly as to save any boxes or products that could potentially be effected.

Commercial Water Damage

We don't only mitigate water damage for homes, we often get calls from stores and commercial buildings. So whether it be your home or your place of work SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead is here to help!

Commercial Drying

In this picture you can see our equipment set up in order to dry an area of this commercial building. There is no job too big or too small for SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead!

Basement Flooding

Shown here is what we found at the scene of this basement water loss. There was a great deal of water to be extracted and many contents to be cleaned. 

Kitchen Mold

Here you can clearly see there is mold on this kitchen wall. Notice how the variation in color and size. For all of your mold remediation needs don't hesitate to call us 24/7!

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fire's are all too common. If ever you find yourself in a situation where even the smallest of kitchen fire's occurs, do not hesitate to call us 24/7!

Soot Clean Up

While the fire did not take place in this bathroom, the soot and smoke traveled throughout the home. We were on the scene ready to make it "Like it never even happened"

Fire Damage

Pictured here is the damage that was the result of a serious fire. There was significant soot and smoke damage. If disaster strikes in your home SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead is here to help!

Hidden Mold

Pictured here we have mold that was hidden underneath a drawer! Mold can be a result of moisture almost anywhere in your home or business. If you think you spot mold don't hesitate to contact a professional!

Ceiling Mold

Pictured here is mold that was found in a basement located on the ceiling. Whatever the size job SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead is always here to help day or night!

Identifying Mold

Pictured here we have some mold that could easily be mistaken for dirt. If you are ever in question of possible mold we here at SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead are available to answer any of your questions!

Wall Mold

This mold was noticed by a homeowner who contacted us for remediation. While some mold may be hard to identify, the mold pictured here is clear and prominent. If you see this in your home, do not hesitate to contact us!


Here is some of our water remediation equipment. Our warehouse manager, Erik, keeps our equipment in pristine condition and properly stored so it's readily available at a minute's notice!

Water Drop Off

Pictured here is one of our finest technicians, Edwin. He took the time our of his day to make some water deliveries to our local fire departments. Always hard at work!

Garden City Fire Department

As SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead, we wanted to donate some cases of water to our fire fighters at the Garden City Fire Department. In the unfortunate event of a fire, these astounding men and women rush to the scene and always have bottled water to hand out to those in need.

Hempstead Fire Department

With fire remediation being one of our specialties, it was important for us to reach out to the Fire Department of Hempstead with a few cases of water. This water will be given out when our local heroes respond to a fire.


Here we have just received our order for SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead water bottles! These will be donated to fire departments as well as various local organizations. Never underestimate the power of hydration!


Pictured here are some of our awards for Outstanding Sales and Performance. We here at SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead believe in customer service first and foremost. By providing the best service we can customers can go forward and recommend us to friends and family in their time of need. 


Our warehouse manager makes sure that we are always stocked up on the supplies needed to tackle any job! Stored in a safe and clean environment to ensure our clients get the most out of the products that we use!


Pictured here is one of the vans of our fleet. Always serviced to run as safely and efficiently as possible our vehicles can be relied on to get to you in a timely fashion.

Box Truck

Here you can see one of our vehicles, the box truck. Plenty of room to transport any supplies or equipment needed to get the jobs done. As always, our drivers are trained to navigate the roads safely!